Sick in the City

Sorry for my lack of posts lately, but I’ve been sick. It started the morning after my birthday, with a sore throat and has since progressed to a stuffed up/runny nose and sinus headache. Hopefully it’ll pass on it’s own… But despite being sick, some fun things have happened. (Including an impromptu dance performance on the N train just now!)

On Monday I met with our bass player, Roger, to go over some music for the show. We met at 59th and Lexington and went to a non-Starbucks (!) to get coffee. It was called the Juan Valdez Cafe, an while it was still corporate-feeling, we didn’t have to share the cafe with homeless people or a million laptops or people with suitcases waiting for their train out of the city. A step up from Starbucks, I say!


After rehearsal that night, we had our super-fun open mic performance at Time Out NY, a bar that is attached to New World Stages (where Rent, Avenue Q are playing right now). Same bar that we went to on my birthday, actually! Nora and Jake sang two songs from the show… Much like every other social event that has happened since I’ve been here, I stayed way later than anyone else. It was so fun watching all the musical theatre nerds sing… One guy was totally awkward and sang a bunch of songs from Ragtime, even though he was very white (and not that great of a singer). It’s not like if I were to get up and sing “Your Daddy’s Son”… He was doing full-out free-us-from-our-oppression stuff. Kind of weird.

Tuesday was somewhat of a boring day… I spent the better part of the morning an afternoon in a coffee/bagel shop writing out chords for the show (which we have yet to make use of… Hrm). Then traveled into the city to print off said music ($7 to Staples… Boo.) Then went to rehearsal. Yup. Fun day.

Wednesday was actually really fun an productive though! I got up early and went over to Nora’s garage to help paint the set. Then in the afternoon, we had a “Montana girl’s lunch” at Alice’s Tea Cup, an adorable little restaurant that is completely Alice In Wonderland themed and serves tons of different kinds of tea! And great food. Check it out if you are in the need of something cute and girly. Then I sped off to rehearsal and after rehearsal we had the Times Square Social at Dave and Busters to promote Blood! It was basically a mixer, and when you went in, you got a name tag that didn’t say your name but your occupation (how shallow…) and had a red, green or yellow sticker on it (stands for taken, single or it’s complicated). So basically, you looked for someone with a green or yellow sticker who had an occupation you were attracted to. I’m sorry, but how about getting to know someone instead of judging them based on what they do for a living? Some would say it’s a conversation starter… I say it’s shallow.

Anyway… The reason we were there was not to hook up (although that would be difficult, considering that the majority of men there were gay and paired off…). The NY Musical Theatre Festival had arranged for all of the shows in the Festival to have a table and be able to promote their show. We brought stickers, postcards and all wore our t-shirts. Everyone commented on what a team we were… Yay! And we got a ton of people there to wear our stickers and promote the show for us! There were some really great people there… I decided which shows I’m going to see at the festival. Crazy, Just Like Me looks awesome and the cast and composer are SUPER nice! I also want to see Blanche: The Bittersweet Life of a Wild Prairie Dame… The gal that wrote it and performs in it is also so nice and is from Calgary!! I also want to see Huckleberry Haywood, because my director from The Producers, Dan Sharkey is in it!

Wednesday was a great night full of networking, meeting new people and feeling inspired!

(Some of the girls of Blood at the Times Square Social!!)


Up next: Museum Mania, a Day With Nate Tate and the NYMF Opening Night Party (and subsequent hangover…)

(One of the windows at Bergdorf Goodman… So pretty!)


(The view of “The Pond” in Central Park from the 59th St Subway entrance)